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Zorro, the main character of the series

Zorro is a series by Zorro Productions Inc.


(He first appeared in All-Star Weekly #2 in 1919)

The Curse of Capistrano (1924)

Zorro (2005)

Tales of Zorro (May 31st 2008)


The Mark of Zorro (November 17th 1920)

Don Q, Son of Zorro (June 15th 1925)

The Bold Caballero (December 1st 1936)

Zorro Rides Again (November 20th 1937)

Zorro's Fighting Legion (December 16th 1939)

The Mark of Zorro (November 8th 1940)

Zorro's Black Whip (December 16th 1944)

Son of Zorro (January 18th 1947)

Ghost of Zorro (March 24th 1949)

Behind The Mask of Zorro (1965)

Le gran aventura del Zorro (June 19th 1976)

The Mark of Zorro (October 29th 1974)

Zorro (March 6th 1975)

Zorro, The Gay Blade (July 17th 1981)

The Mask of Zorro (July 17th 1998)

The Legend of Zorro (October 24th 2005)


Zorro (October 10th 1957 - July 2nd 1959)

The New Adventures of Zorro (September 12th 1981 - December 5th 1981)

Zorro and Son (April 6th 1983 - June 1st 1983)

Zorro (January 5th 1990 - January 30th 1993)

Kaiketsu Zorro (April 5th 1996 - March 28th 1997)

The New Adventures of Zorro (1997 - 1998)

El Zorro, la espada la rosa (February 12th 2007 - July 23rd 2007)

Zorro: Generation Z (March 16th 2006 - 2008)

Zorro (March 23rd 2009 - August 7th 2009)

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Mickey Mouse197806 June 1978The comic story Operação P.I. 1820 can be considered a crossover between the two series; A character dressed as Zorro, called Little Zorro is featured in some Mickey Mouse strips from 1958 and Zorro can also be seen on TV in a Mickey Mouse comic strip from April 24, 1958 and one from May 15, 1958.1



The Lone Ranger201103 March 2011Zorro and The Lone Ranger have a crossover comic.1

5Arrow R Masks20121128 November 28, 2012Zorro stars in a comic crossover series called Masks.1

5Arrow R Legenderry20140924 September 24, 2014Zorro appears in Legenderry #7.1



Django Unchained20141112 November 12, 2014Zorro and Django have a crossover comic.1



Lady Rawhide20150311 March 11, 2015Zorro and Lady Rawhide have a crossover comic.1

5Arrow R Nostalgia Critic2015428 April 28, 2015The Nostalgia Critic reviews The Legend of Zorro.2