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Tori Vega, the main character of the series

Victorious is a sitcom show created by Nickelodeon.


Victorious (March 27th 2010 - February 2nd 2013)

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Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R ICarly20110611 June 11, 2011Characters from Victorious appear in the episode iParty with Victorious.1

4Arrow L Drake & Josh20110910 September 10, 2011Helen Dubois appears in the episode Helen Back Again.1

4Arrow L Saved by the Bell20120324 March 24, 2012Mr. Belding appears in the episode April Fools' Blank.1

4Arrow L The Amanda Show20120324 March 24, 2012The Dancing Lobsters appear in the episode April Fools' Blank.1


Double Arrow R

Sam & Cat20130608 June 08, 2013Sam & Cat is a spin off of both ICarly and Victorious.1