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Twisted Metal is a series of vehicular combat video games published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

  • Twisted Metal (November 5, 1995), PlayStation. Re-released in 2011 for PSN and in 2018 within PlayStation Classic in North America and Europe.
  • Twisted Metal 2 (October 31, 1996), PlayStation. A windows version was released in 1997, while the PlayStation version was re-released in 2007 for PSN.
  • Twisted Metal III (October 31, 1998), PlayStation.
  • Twisted Metal 4 (October 31, 1999), PlayStation.
  • Twisted Metal: Black (June 18, 2001), PlayStation 2. Re-released in 2012 for PSN.
  • Twisted Metal: Small Brawl (November 26, 2001), PlayStation.
  • Twisted Metal: Head-On (March 24, 2005), PSP.
  • Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition (February 5, 2008), PlayStation 2.
  • Twisted Metal (February 14, 2012), PlayStation 3.


  • Twisted Metal 2 (1996). A limited-run comic book licensed by Sony and published by DC Comics and given away as a prize in a contest.


  • Twisted Metal Black (2001). A series of six short webisodes made by S4 Studio to promote the game.

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Commercial link: Sweet Tooth appears in the "Michael" commercial for PlayStation 3.

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L James Bond19951105 November 05, 1995Agent Stone (Crimson Fury's driver) from Twisted Metal is based on James Bond.3

4Arrow L Ghost Rider19961031 October 31, 1996Mr. Grimm from Twisted Metal 2 is based on the Ghost Rider.3

4Arrow L Jet Moto19961031 October 31, 1996The stage "Suicide Swamp" from Jet Moto is recreated as a secret stage in Twisted Metal 2.1

4Arrow L The Munsters19991031 October 31, 1999The Dragula car in Twisted Metal 4 is based on the Munster Koach and named after the Dragula, both cars from The Munsters.3

4Arrow L RoboCop19991031 October 31, 1999The character Quatro in Twisted Metal 4 features references to RoboCop.3

5Arrow R Friends19991125 November 25, 1999In the episode "The One Where Ross Got High" from Friends, Joey and Ross are seen playing Twisted Metal 2.2

5Arrow R Everybody's Golf20000229 February 29, 2000The North American and European versions of Everybody's Golf 2 feature Sweet Tooth as an unlockable golfer.1

4Arrow L Warhawk20010618 June 18, 2001A Warhawk is the final boss in Twisted Metal: Black.1

4Arrow L Transformers20010618 June 18, 2001The Sweet Bot transformation of the Sweet Tooth cab is likely based on the Transformers.3


Arrow L & R

War of the Monsters20030114 January 14, 2003War of the Monsters features a secret costume based on Sweet Tooth. The 2012 Twisted Metal features a War of the Monsters Arcade in one stage, and a copy of the game is seen as part of Calypso's collection.2

4Arrow L King of the Hill20050325 March 25, 2005Gene Ruttish (ATV's driver) from Twisted Metal: Head-On is based on Boomhauer from King of the Hill.3

4Arrow L Hell Girl20050325 March 25, 2005There's a possible reference to Hell Girl in Mr. Grimm's ending from Twisted Metal: Head-On.3

5Arrow R ModNation Racers20100706 July 06, 2010ModNation Racers features Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal as a downloadable racer. The base game also features character customization based on Sweet Tooth.1


Arrow L & R

Death Race20110118 January 18, 2011A character in Death Race 2 is named after Twisted Metal character Marcus Kane. Twisted Metal (2012) features three vehicles based on cars from Death Race.3

4Arrow L God of War20120214 February 14, 2012Kratos' Blades of Chaos from God of War are seen as part of Calypso's collection in Twisted Metal (2012).1

4Arrow L Downhill Domination20120214 February 14, 2012There's a Downhill Domination Arcade found in one of the stages in the 2012 Twisted Metal.2

5Arrow R Starhawk20120510 May 10, 2012Starhawk includes a skin of Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal.3

5Arrow R PlayStation All-Stars20121108 November 08, 2012PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale features Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal as a playable character.1

5Arrow R Rocket League20150707 July 07, 2015The Sweet Tooth vehicle is an unlockable vehicle in the PlayStation 4 version of Rocket League.1

5Arrow R Tony Hawk's20150929 September 29, 2015A Sweet Tooth mask is a preorder bonus in PlayStation versions of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5.2