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Tin Star, the hero of the game.

Tin Star is a rail shooter videogame developed by Software Creations and published by Nintendo for the SNES only in North America in November 1994.

It takes place in a western-inspired setting called Ol' West, populated by robots. The player controls the titular character, a hero who must fight the Bad Oil Gang and their leader, Black Bart.

The game is playable using the Super Scope or the SNES Mouse peripherials, beside the regular controller. In the game's manual the two peripherials are also shown superimposed over the guns of a silhouette of a cow boy-like character, but that's clearly just a symbolic image: there are no references to the peripherials in the game itself, so the link to the Super Scope series is only considered a type 3 (out-univrese) link.

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4Arrow L Super Scope199411 November 1994Tin Star is compatible with the Super Scope.