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The thundermans family

The Thunderman family, the main characters of the series

The Thundermans is a live-action comedy by Nickelodeon.


  • The Thundermas (October 14, 2013 - May 25, 2018)

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Every Witch Way20140426 April 26, 2014Every Witch Way is mentioned in the episode "Nothing to Lose Sleepover".2

4Arrow L Breaking Bad20140614 June 14, 2014The episode "Breaking Dad" from The Thundermans is named after Breaking Bad.3

4Arrow L Sesame Street2014118 November 8, 2014Max Thunderman references Cookie Monster in the episode "Blue Detective".2



The Haunted Hathaways20141114 November 14, 2014The episode "The Haunted Thundermans" is a crossover between both series.1

4Arrow L Friends20150302 March 02, 2015There's a minor reference to Friends in the episode "Who's Your Mommy?".3

4Arrow L Garfield20150328 March 28, 2015There's a minor reference to Garfield in the episode "A Hero is Born".3

5Arrow R 100 Things to Do Before High School20150725 July 25, 2015In the episode "Find Your Super Power Thing", CJ can be seen watching The Thundermans.2

5Arrow R Henry Danger2016618 June 18, 2016Phoebe and Max Thunderman appear in the episode "Danger & Thunder".1

5Arrow R Super Brawl (Nickelodeon)2017119 January 19, 2017Phoebe Thunderman is a playable character in Super Brawl World.1

5Arrow R Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn2017805 August 05, 2017Dr. Colosso appears in the episode "The Wonderful Wizard of Quads".1