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THe Mask

The Mask, The Main Character of the series

The Mask is a character from Dark Horse Comics and is more known as the film version played by actor Jim Carrey.


The Mask starred in Dark Horse Present #10 on September 1987

The Mask Series (1989-Today)


The Mask (July 29th 1994)

Son of The Mask (February 11th 2005)


The Mask: Animated Series (August 12th 1995-August 30th 1997)

Video Games

The Mask (December 27th 1996) for SNES, Genesis, and Game Boy Color

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type



Wild C.A.T.S.19969 September 1996The Mask meets Grifter (W.I.L.D. C.A.T.S.) in a comic crossover.1



Lobo19972 February 1997The Mask meets Lobo in a comic crossover.1

4Arrow L Ace Ventura1997830 August 30, 1997In the episode Have Mask Will Travel The Mask meets Ace Ventura.1



Marshal Law19982 February 1998The Mask fought Marshal Law in a comic series.1

5Arrow R Batman2000 2000The Mask meets The Joker in a four issue comic series.1

4Arrow L Mario20050211 February 11, 2005In a scene in Son of the Mask the main character is seen playing Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

4Arrow L Woody Woodpecker20050211 February 11, 2005In a scene in Son of the Mask the kid turns into Woody Woodpecker.1

5Arrow R Nostalgia Critic20130305 March 05, 2013The Nostalgia Critic reviews "Son of Mask".2

5Arrow R Street Fighter20180807 August 07, 2018Color 14 of G's Story Costume in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is a reference to the Mask.3