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A george and louis jefferson

George and Louise Jefferson, the main character of the series

The Jeffersons is a series by CBS.


The Jeffersons (January 18th 1975 - July 2nd 1985)

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Direction Series Date Description Type


Double Arrow L

All in the Family19750118 January 18, 1975The Jeffersons is a spinoff of All in the Family.1


Double Arrow R

Checking In19810409 April 09, 1981Checking In is a spinoff of The Jeffersons.1

5Arrow R E/R19840916 September 16, 1984E/R's Julie Williams is cousins with George and Louise Jefferson from The Jeffersons.1

5Arrow R The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air19950220 February 20, 1995George Jefferson appears in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in the episode Will Is from Mars... .1

5Arrow R Tyler Perry's House of Payne20111123 November 23, 2011George and Louise Jefferson appears in Tyler Perry's House of Payne in the episode Curtis Jefferson.1