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Cleveland Brown

Cleveland Brown, the main character of the series

The Cleveland Show is a TV series on Fox.


The Cleveland Show (September 27th 2009 - May 19th 2013)

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Double Arrow L

Family Guy2009927 September 27, 2009The Cleveland Show is a spinoff of Family Guy.1

4Arrow L King of the Hill20101003 October 03, 2010Hank Hill appears in The Cleveland Show in Cleveland Live! and Das Shrimp Boot.1

4Arrow L Pokémon2011019 January 9, 2011While Cleveland and Rallo visit the County Fair, one of the stands has plushies resembling Gengar.3

4Arrow L Bob the Builder20110123 January 23, 2011Bob the Builder is mentioned and parodied in "Like a Boss" from The Cleveland Show.2

5Arrow R American Dad!20111002 October 02, 2011The Cleveland Show has a crossover with American Dad! in Hurricane!.1

4Arrow L Saw20121007 October 07, 2012A character appears dressed like Billy the Puppet from Saw in the season 4 episode "Escape from Goochland" from The Cleveland Show.2

5Arrow R The Simpsons2014928 September 28, 2014Cleveland Brown makes an official cameo in The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover.1