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Terranigma Terranigma,is a 1995 action role-playing game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System by Enix (now Square Enix).

The first chapter of the game, "The Outset", introduces Ark, a mischievous boy who lives in Crysta, the only village in the under world.After opening a forbidden door and touching a mysterious box containing a friendly demon called Yomi inside, every citizen in the village is frozen. The only person not affected by the curse, the Elder, guides him to resurrect the continents of the surface world in order to unfreeze the people. A way out of his hometown appears, and for the first time ever, a human being leaves Crysta to explore the under world which is portrayed as a frozen wasteland of imposing crystal mountains, crossed by rivers of magma. He conquers the trials of the five towers, each representing one continent, and revives the mainland of the Earth. Upon returning to his hometown, the Elder instructs him to travel to the surface world and to resurrect all living beings. With a heavy heart, Ark says goodbye to his lifelong devoted friend Elle and sets out to the Lightside.

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ActRaiser19951020 October 20, 1995Terranigma is a spiritual successor to ActRaiser.3

4Arrow L Soul Blazer19951020 October 20, 1995Turbo the Dog from Soul Blazer appears in Terranigma.1