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Teen Titans is a superhero team by DC Comics.


Teen Titans (June 1965 - Present)


Teen Titans (July 19th 2003 - September 15th 2006)

Young Justice (November 26th 2010 - March 16th 2013)

Teen Titans Go! (Arpil 23rd 2013 - Present)

Titans (October 12th 2018 - Present)


Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo (September 15th 2006)

Justice League Vs Teen Titans (March 29th 2016)

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (July 27th 2018)

Teen Titans Go! Vs Teen Titans (July 21st 2019)

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X-Men198209 September 1982The Characters of Teen Titans meet The X-Men.1
5Arrow R Static Shock20030301 March 01, 2003The Teen Titans were originally planned to guest star, but those plans were scuttled since these episodes would air before the Teen Titans TV series premiered. The Justice League was used instead.51
5Arrow R Atop the 4th Wall20081123 November 23, 2008Linkara reviews Titans #3.2
5Arrow R Injustice20130403 April 03, 2013Teen Titans characters are playable in the game.1
4Arrow L Mario2013528 May 28, 2013Robin's milk mustache is a parody of Mario.3
5Arrow R Scribblenauts20130924 September 24, 2013Scribblenauts Unmasked features spawnable objects from the Teen Titans series.1
5Arrow R LittleBigPlanet20131218 December 18, 2013Cyborg costume is downloadable in LittleBigPlanet 2.2
4Arrow L Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles20140416 April 16, 2014Más and Menos gives the Titans' pizza to turtles that resemble Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.3

Arrow L & R

Scooby Doo201407 July 2014Characters from The Teen Titans appear in Scooby Doo Team Up #4. Also, the Scooby Doo gang compete against the Teen Titans in the Teen Titans GO episode “Cartoon Feud”.1
4Arrow L Popeye2014109 October 9, 2014Cyborg makes a Popeye reference in Teen Titans Go!.3
4Arrow L Watchmen2015212 February 12, 2015Nite Owl from Watchmen makes a cameo in an episode of Teen Titans Go!.1
4Arrow L Metal Gear201535 March 5, 2015Cyborg made a noise that resembled the exclamation noise from Metal Gear.3
4Arrow L ALF201549 April 9, 2015Robin mentions the show "ALF" in the episode "Oil Drum".2
4Arrow L The A-Team201549 April 9, 2015Cyborg has VHS tapes on the A-Team.2
4Arrow L Zelda2015416 April 16, 2015There's a Zelda reference in the episode Video Game References.3
4Arrow L Frogger2015416 April 16, 2015There's a Frogger reference in the episode Video Game References.3
4Arrow L Pac-Man2015416 April 16, 2015There's a Pac-Man reference in the episode Video Game References.3
4Arrow L Spy Hunter2015416 April 16, 2015There's a Spy Hunter reference in the episode Video Game References.3
5Arrow R Roblox20150615 June 15, 2015In a limited-time event in Roblox, players could get Teen Titans-themed gear and spawn Beast Boy as a companion.1
4Arrow L The Golden Girls20151125 November 25, 2015Cyborg created holograms of the Golden Girls in the episode "Two Parter".2
4Arrow L Star Wars20151125 November 25, 2015Star Wars is mentioned in the episode "Two Parter".2
4Arrow L The Amazing World of Gumball201617 January 7, 2016The cartoon shown in the episode "Squash & Stretch" bears characters that look like Gumball and Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball.3


The Powerpuff Girls2016630 June 30, 2016The Powerpuff Girls meet with the Teen Titans.1
4Arrow L Mickey Mouse201685 August 5, 2016Mickey Mouse was mentioned in "Teen Titans Go: Island Adventure".2
4Arrow L Dig Dug201794 September 4, 2017A character resembling Dig Dug appears in the episode "Labor Day".3
5Arrow R Lego Dimensions20170912 September 12, 2017The Teen Titans Universe appears in the game.1
5Arrow R Death Battle!20180228 February 28, 2018Raven has been a subject for Death Battle!2


Fortnite20180613 June 13, 2018UNDIRECT: Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go! mimics a dance from Fortnite in an official Cartoon Network video, though the video isn't part of either series.2
4Arrow L The Muppets2018727 July 27, 2018Beast Boy briefly morphs into Animal during the Titans' rap song in the beginning.2
4Arrow L Deadpool2018727 July 27, 2018The Teen Titans mistaken Slade for Deadpool.2
4Arrow L The Lion King2018727 July 27, 2018Robin's Dream reference the The Lion King.3
5Arrow R Nostalgia Critic2018828 August 28, 2018The Nostalgia Critic reviews the two “Teen Titans” cartoons.2
5Arrow R OK K.O.!2018108 October 8, 2018Raven from Teen Titans Go! appears in the episode "Crossover Nexus".1
4Arrow L Peanuts2018116 November 6, 2018The Titans reference Peanuts in the episode “Quantum Fun”.2
4Arrow L ThunderCats2020404 April 04, 2020The Titans dress as the Thundercats in the Teen Titans Go!episode “Halloween”. Also, The Teen Titans Go! episode "Teen Titans Roar!" is a crossover with ThunderCats.1
4Arrow L Perfect Strangers2020525 May 25, 2020Cyborg reenacts a scene from Perfect Strangers in the Teen Titans GO episode “ Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League Edition”.2
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