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A Super Man

Clark Kent aka Superman, the main character of the series

Superman is a superhero that fights crime in Metropolis. He is owned by DC Comics.


Superman's first appearance is in Action Comics #1 in 1938

Superman (1938- Present)

Radio Show

The Adventures of Superman (February 12th 1940-March 1st 1951)


Superman (January 5th 1948)

Atom Man VS Superman (July 20th 1950)

Superman and the Mole Men (November 23rd 1951)

Superman (December 10th 1978)

Superman II (December 4th 1980)

Superman III (June 17th 1983)

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (July 24th 1987)

Superman Returns (June 21st 2006)

Man of Steel (June 12th 2013)


Adventures of Superman (September 19th 1952- April 28th 1958)

The New Adventures of Superman (1966-1970)

Superman (September 17th 1988-December 10th 1988)

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (September 12th 1993-June 14th 1997)

Superman: The Animated Series (September 16th 1966-February 12th 2000)

Smallville (October 16th 2001 - May 13th 2011)

Video Games

Superman (1979) for Atari 2600

Superman: The Game (1985) for Atari 800, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, Commodore 16, Amstrad CPC, and Acorn Elctron

Superman (1988) An Arcade Machine

Superman (December 22nd 1987) for NES

Superman: The Man of Steel (1989) for Atari 800, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, Commodore 16, Amstrad CPC, PC, Apple II, MSX, Amiga, and Acorn Elctron

Superman (1992) for Genesis

Superman: The Man of Steel (1993) for Master System

The Death and Return of Superman (1994) for SNES and Genesis

Superman (1997) for Game Boy

Superman (May 31st 1999) for Nintendo 64

Superman: Shadow of Apokolips (September 25th 2002) for PS2 and GameCube

Superman: The Man of Steel (November 19th 2002) for Xbox

Superman: Countdown to Apokolips (May 26th 2003) for GBA

Superman Returns (November 22nd 2006) for Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, and Nintendo DS

Superman Returns: Fortress of Solitude (November 20th 2006) for GBA

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R I Love Lucy19570114 January 14, 1957Superman appears in the episode Lucy and Superman.1

5Arrow R Sesame Street19690721 July 21, 1969In a test show of Sesame Street, Superman appears.1

5Arrow R The Brady Bunch1972107 October 7, 1972The Brady kids meet Superman.1



Spider-Man1976 1976Superman meets Spider-Man.1



Masters Of The Universe198207 July 1982Superman has a crossover with He-Man.1



House of Mystery198301 January 1983The story in DC Comics Presents #53 is a crossover between the two series.1

4Arrow L Nesquik1987 1987Superman meets The Nesquik Bunny.1

5Arrow R The Totally Stonking, Surprisingly Educational And Utterly Mindboggling Comic Relief Comic199103 March 1991Superman appears as one of many guest characters.1

5Arrow R Tiny Toon Adventures19920311 March 11, 1992Superman appears in Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation.1



Alien199507 July 1995Superman crosses with Xenomorphs from Aliens.1



Silver Surfer199611 November 1996Silver Surfer and Superman crossover in Silver Surfer / Superman.1

5Arrow R Dragon Ball19971126 November 26, 1997A character named Sourman, a parody of Superman, appears in the show.3

5Arrow R Pokémon1999 1999Superman partakes in the Kids WB Pokémon Battle for the Badge.1



Men in Black1999 1999Superman has a meeting with Agent J & Agent K from Men in Black in a Kids' WB promo.1



Captain Planet1999 1999Superman discusses with Batman and Agent J & Agent K from Men in Black about letting Captain Planet join their team.2



Fantastic Four1999 1999Superman meets The Fantastic Four.1

5Arrow R The Iron Giant199986 August 6, 1999The giant wanted to be like Superman.2



Savage Dragon19991101 November 01, 1999Superman meets Savage Dragon.1



Terminator199912 December 1999Superman fights The Terminator.1



Gen¹³200006 June 2000Gen¹³ meets Superman and Supergirl.1



Looney Tunes200007 July 2000Superman and the rest of The Justice League meet The Looney Tunes.1

5Arrow R Predator2001 2001Superman fights Predator from Predator.1

5Arrow R The Matrix2003515 May 15, 2003Superman was mentioned in The Matrix: Reloaded.2



Thundercats200401 January 2004Superman has a crossover with The Thundercats.1



The Darkness2005 2005Superman and The Darkness had a comic book crossover together.1

5Arrow R Angry Video Game Nerd20080626 June 26, 2008The Angry Video Game Nerd episodes "Superman" and "Superman 64" are reviews of some Superman games.2

5Arrow R Atop the 4th Wall20081223 December 23, 2008Linkara reviews Superman at Earth’s End.2

5Arrow R U.B. Funkeys20090402 April 02, 2009Superman appear as U.B. Funkeys.1

5Arrow R Nostalgia Critic20091027 October 27, 2009The Nostalgia Critic reviews "Superman IV" and later reviews other stuff of Superman and even includes General Zod to appear in some of The Nostalgia Critic videos.2

5Arrow R Happy Friends20100702 July 02, 2010Happy Friends includes Superman references.3

5Arrow R South Park20101110 November 10, 2010"Superman" was mentioned in the South Park episode "Coon vs. Coon and Friends".2

5Arrow R Jessie (Disney)2012824 August 24, 2012Luke thought he was Superman in the episode Gotcha Day.2

5Arrow R Injustice20130403 April 03, 2013Superman characters are playable in the game.1

5Arrow R Scribblenauts20130924 September 24, 2013Scribblenauts Unmasked features spawnable objects from the Superman series; Clark from Scribblenauts Unlimited is based on Clark Kent/Superman.1

5Arrow R LittleBigPlanet20131218 December 18, 2013Superman, Supergirl, Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and Bizarro costumes are downloadable in LittleBigPlanet 2.2

5Arrow R The Lego Movie20140207 February 07, 2014Superman appears in the movie.1

5Arrow R Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles20140808 August 08, 2014One of the news executives thought April O'Neil was looking for Superman in the 2014 TMNT movie.2

5Arrow R Puzzle & Dragons20141011 October 11, 2014Superman, Lex Luthor and Doomsday appeared in Puzzle & Dragons during the DC Universe collaboration event.1

5Arrow R McFarland USA20150220 February 20, 2015Superman was mentioned in the McFarland movie.2

5Arrow R Scooby Doo201505 May 2015Superman appears in Scooby Doo Team Up #9.1

5Arrow R Wander Over Yonder20150817 August 17, 2015The episode "The Fremergency Fronfract" from Wander Over Yonder feature a reference to Superman: The Movie.3

5Arrow R Target20161211 December 11, 2016Superman appears in a Target musical called Target Holiday 2016 Mini-Musical: The Nutcracker.1

5Arrow R Rocket League20180305 March 05, 2018Decals and player banners based on Superman are included in Rocket League as part of the DC Super Heroes DLC (patch v1.42).2