This page explains the cameos in the game Stunt Race FX of elements from other series, which are: Kirby, Mario and Star Fox.

Stunt Race FX

Stunt race FX banners

Screenshot from the game.

199464 June 4, 1994

Kirby, Mario, Star Fox5Arrow R Stunt Race FX

In the background of all races there are advertising billboards and on some of them are images of either Mario, Kirby or Fox McCloud. They even appear next to one another sometimes.

StuntRaceFX arwingitem
StuntraceFX arwingskyramp

Star Fox5Arrow R Stunt Race FX

Additionally, since Star Fox and Stunt Race FX both use a specific chip called "Super FX" and use the same graphics, some special Star Fox cameos have been included:

The "Night Course" track features several billboards with the Star Fox logo on them. Touching the wall under the first three will make them fall down and then make an Arwing from the game appear and drop an item to the player.

On the "Sky Ramp" track, three Arwings fly above the stage in formation, performing tricks. They appear twice per lap, each time in a different place.


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