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Starlink: Battle for Atlas is an action-adventure video game by Ubisoft released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 16, 2018.

The plot is about the titular team of space pilots having to rescue their leader and save the Atlas star system from the menace of the Forgotten Legion and its leader Grax.

The game includes optional toys-to-life elements, using a custom controller mount letting players swap pilots, ships and weapons by using the respective modular toys.
11 pilots, 8 starships and 16 weapons have been released alongside the game, grouped in specific packs:

  • Starter Pack: boundled with a copy of the game and the console-specific controller mount, the PlayStation 4 and XBox One versions include pilot Mason Rana, starship Zenith and weapons Shredder, Flamethrower and Frost Barrage, while the Nintendo Switch version includes pilots Mason Rana and Fox McCloud, starship Arwing and weapons Flamethrower and Frost Barrage (plus digital versions of the starship Zenith and weapon Shredder).
  • Starship Pack: a pack including a starship, a pilot and one or two weapons. Six packs were released, including four released worldwide and two only released in North America at specific retailers: Neptune (pilot: Judge, weapon: Levitator), Lance (pilot: Hunter Hakka, weapon: Imploder), Pulse (pilot: Calisto Chase Da Silva, weapon: Volcano), Nadir (pilot: Shaid, weapon: Nullifier), the Target exclusive Scramble (pilot: Levi McCray, weapon: Fury Cannon), the GameStop exclusive Cerberus (pilot: Razor Lemay, weapons: Shockwave and Gauss Gun Mk2).
  • Pilot Pack: a pack including a pilot figurine. Five packs were released: Levi McCray, Razor Lemay, Kharl Zeon, Eli Arborwood, and Startail (preorder exclusive to some retailers in Europe and Austraila).
  • Weapons Pack: a pack including two weapons. Four packs were released: Crusher / Shredder Mk2, Iron Fist / Freeze Ray Mk2, Shockwave / Gauss Gun Mk2, and Hailstorm / Meteor Mk2.

A Build your own Equinox Ship 3D puzzle was also released exclusively at Target in North America.

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