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Starcraft is a video game series by Blizzard Entertainment

Video Games

Starcraft (March 31st 1998) for PC

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty (July 27th 2010) for PC and Mac

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Warcraft2002073 July 3, 2002Characters from Starcraft appear in Warcraft III.1

4Arrow L Diablo20100727 July 27, 2010In Starcraft II you can enter the world of Diablo.1

4Arrow L Metroid20100727 July 27, 2010StarCraft II features a cameo by a creature resembling a Metroid.3

4Arrow L The Lost Vikings20100727 July 27, 2010Starcraft II features some references to The Lost Vikings.3

4Arrow L LOST20110727 July 27, 2011In Starcraft II you could find The Hatch from LOST.3

5Arrow R Overwatch20160524 May 24, 2016Overwatch features the cabinet for a game titled "The Lost Vikings VI", including a Viking from Starcraft.2

5Arrow R Heroes of the Storm20150602 June 02, 2015Starcraft characters appear in Heroes of the Storm.1