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Spawn, The main character in Spawn, as an action figure

Spawn is a series that's about a character named Spawn who is an anti-hero. He first appeared in Spawn #1 (May 1992).


Spawn is owned by Image Comics.

He first appeared in Spawn #1 on May 1992


Todd McFalane's Spawn (May 16 1997 - May 28 1999)


Spawn (August 1st 1997)

Video Games

Todd McFalane's Spawn: The Video Game (October 1995) for SNES

Spawn: The Eternal (December 1st 1997) for PlayStation

Spawn (1999) for Gameboy Color

Spawn In the Demon's hand (1999) an Arcade Machine and for Dreamcast

Spawn: Armageddon (June 3 2004) for PS2, GameCube, and Xbox

Links to Other Series

Direction Series Date Description Type



Batman1994 1994Batman and Spawn had a comic book crossover together.1



Mars Attacks1996 1996Mars Attacks has a crossover with Image Comics.1

5Arrow R Gen¹³1996 1996In Gen¹³ #13, many characters make an appearance including Spawn.1

5Arrow R Sonic199810 October 1998In Sonic Super Special Issue #7 Spawn appears in a panel and confuses Sonic and Knuckles for kids in costumes.1

5Arrow R Segagaga20010329 March 29, 2001A parody of Spawn called "Sppon" is featured within Segagaga.2.5

5Arrow R Soul Series20030327 March 27, 2003Spawn is a guest character in the Xbox version of SoulCalibur II.1

5Arrow R Atop the 4th Wall20110314 March 14, 2011Linkara reviews Spawn #1.2

5Arrow R Thor (Marvel)201303 March 2013Spawn's antagonist Angela, was integrated into the Marvel Universe in the story "Age of Ultron". She was later established to be the lost sister of Thor.1

5Arrow R Nostalgia Critic2016223 February 23, 2016The Nostalgia Critic reviews "Spawn (film)".2