This page explains in detail the interactions between the South Park series and the Zelda series.

South Park episode Imaginationland, Episode II

20071017 October 17, 2007

SP 11x11 Link


South Park4Arrow L Zelda

The eleventh episode of Season 11 of South Park (Episode #164) is the second part of the Imaginationland Trilogy (also known as "Kyle Sucks Cartman's Balls"), and is about the evil imaginary characters breaking through the barrier dividing them from the good ones. Among the good characters running in fear there's a short elf-like boy in green clothes likely based on Link.

South Park episode Imaginationland, Episode III

SP 11x12 Evil guys

Evil characters marching. The Ganondorf look-alike is in the middle, between Wario and Darkseid look-alikes who are in front of the Bowser look alike.

20071031 October 31, 2007


South Park4Arrow L Zelda

The third part of the Imaginationland trilogy features the final war between good and evil characters, and among these there's one clearly based on Ganondorf, the main villain from the Zelda series. His look is based specifically on his Ocarina of Time incarnation.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

SP SoT Kenny

201434 March 4, 2014


South Park4Arrow L Zelda

Kenny appears in this game dressed as a lady, complete with wig, looking almost identical to Zelda, specifically to her Twilight Princess incarnation. Kenny's wig is blonde, while Zelda had brown hair in that game, likely to reflect Kenny's natural hair color.

SP SoT Kenny GameInformer

Curiously, in one of the first promotional images for the game, used as the cover of a special Game Informer issue, Kenny was shown without his hood, so the hair would possibly be actually his. Most notably the purple parts of the dress would be orange like his parka, likely to make him more recognizable.


The creators of South Park held no right over Nintendo's Zelda, but they only included a minor refence to the characters.