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Ian (left) and Anthony (right), the main characters of the series

Smosh is a comedical online series.


Smosh (November 19th 2005 - Present)

Video Games

Food Battle: The Game (November 19th 2014)


SMOSH: The Movie (July 24th 2015)


Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Super Sentai-Power Rangers20051119 November 19, 2005Smosh sings The Power Rangers Theme Song.2

4Arrow L Mortal Kombat20051119 November 19, 2005Smosh sings The Mortal Kombat Theme Song.2

4Arrow L Pokémon20051128 November 28, 2005Smosh sings The Pokemon Theme Song.2

4Arrow L Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles20060126 January 26, 2006Smosh sings The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme Song.2

4Arrow L Transformers20060322 March 22, 2006Smosh sings The Transformers Theme Song.2


Double Arrow R

Food Battle20061004 October 04, 2006Food Battle is a spin off of Smosh.1

4Arrow L Batman20080614 June 14, 2008Batman and Robin appear in Batman's Cool Internet Video.2

4Arrow L Twilight Saga20091002 October 02, 2009Twilight characters appear in Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes.2

4Arrow L Sonic20100702 July 02, 2010Ian paints a picture of Sonic The Hedgehog in Inappropriate Sonic.2

4Arrow L Halo20101105 November 05, 2010Ian and Anthony set out to buy Halo 2 in HALO RUINED MY LIFE!.2

4Arrow L Harry Potter20101119 November 19, 2010Harry Potter characters appear in HARRY POTTER DELETED SCENES!.2

4Arrow L Annoying Orange20101119 November 19, 2010The Annoying Orange appears in HARRY POTTER DELETED SCENES!.1

4Arrow L Tron20101217 December 17, 2010Tron characters appear in TRON: Legacy *LEAKED FOOTAGE*.2

4Arrow L Star Fox20110902 September 02, 2011Star Fox characters appear in Star Fox TV Show!.2

4Arrow L Ghostbusters20111028 October 28, 2011Ian and Anthony pretend to be Ghostbusters in THE NEW GHOSTBUSTERS.2

4Arrow L Zelda20111118 November 18, 2011Zelda characters appear in The Legend of Zelda Rap.2

4Arrow L Death Note20120120 January 20, 2012Ian finds a Death Note in REAL DEATH NOTE!.2

4Arrow L Twilight Zone20120212 February 12, 2012Twilight Zone characters appear in REJECTED TWILIGHT ZONE EPISODES!.2

4Arrow L Mario20120608 June 08, 2012Mario characters appear in REJECTED MARIO GAMES.2

4Arrow L Oishi High School Battle2012714 July 14, 2012Oishi fights Ian and Anthony in OISHI WILL KICK YOUR ASS!.1

4Arrow L Taken20120817 August 17, 2012Taken characters appear in Taken 3 - TRAILER.2


Double Arrow R

Teleporting Fat Guy20121019 October 19, 2012Teleporting Fat Guy is a spinoff of Smosh.1

4Arrow L Assassin's Creed20121026 October 26, 2012Assassin's Creed characters appear in Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Song.2

4Arrow L Wii games20121109 November 09, 2012A parody of Wii Sports appears in Wii U Sports is Awesome!.3

4Arrow L Star Wars20130104 January 04, 2013A parody of Star Wars appears in Disney Star Wars.3

4Arrow L Titanic (James Cameron)20130628 June 28, 2013A parody of Titanic appears in Japanese Titanic.3

4Arrow L Kirby20130809 August 09, 2013Anthony gains the power of Kirby in I Have Kirby Powers!.3

4Arrow L Scribblenauts20130920 September 20, 2013Scribblenauts characters appear in Scribblenauts in Real Life.2

4Arrow L Jurassic Park20140207 February 07, 2014Smosh mixes Jurassic Park and Pokemon in Jurassic Pokemon.3

4Arrow L Flappy Bird20140228 February 28, 2014Ian plays Flappy Bird in Flappy Bird Ruined My Life.2

4Arrow L Adventure Time20140418 April 18, 2014Ian dresses as Finn the human in The Adventure Time Adventure.2

4Arrow L Watch Dogs20140523 May 23, 2014Ian and Anthony do Watch Dog hacks in Real Watch Dog Hacks!.3

4Arrow L Minecraft20140801 August 01, 2014Ian appears in the world of Minecraft in Real Minecraft Vacation.2

4Arrow L Slender20141031 October 31, 2014Slender Man appears in The New Slenderman.2

4Arrow L Super Smash Bros.2015116 January 16, 2015Super Smash Bros. characters appear in Smash Rap.2

4Arrow L Avengers (Marvel)2015425 April 25, 2015Avengers characters appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron *LEAKED FOOTAGE*.2

4Arrow L Angry Birds2016513 May 13, 2016Anthony and Ian audition roles for the Angry Birds movie.2