In this page explaind the links between Skies of Arcadia and Valkyria Chronicles.

Valkyria Chronicles

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Vyse Inglebard

Vyse as he appears in Valkyria Chronicles.

Vyse makes a cameo appearance in the PlayStation 3 game Valkyria Chronicles as an optional playable character.

In the game, he is named Vyse Inglebard and is a Shocktrooper in Squad 7; his profile indicates he is from “a far off land”. Uniform and weapons aside, he looks identical to his Skies of Arcadia counterpart, albeit with a different voice. Vyse is often seen with Aika (a Scout), Fina (triplet Medics), and another young Squad 7 Shocktrooper named Alex Raymond ("Alex" was an early name for the project that developed Skies of Arcadia) and a Lancer (anti-tank trooper) named Hector Calvey. After the events of the game (if they survive), They leave Gallia along with Alex, last seen boarding a ship in the early morning fog.

Vyse, along with Fina also makes an appearance in the anime adaptation; he is seen at the start of episode 13. Unlike the game, he has blue hair and is a member of Squad 5.

Vyse, along with Aika and Fina is playable in Valkyria Chronicles 3 after clearing the Squad 7 mission in Post-Game, though they are unplayable in the Mission itself.

Vyse appears in the anime OAV for that game as well, this time as a member of Squad 7.


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