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Shrek, the main character of the series.

Shrek is a multimedia franchise created by William Steig, later owned and distributed by DreamWorks.


Shrek! (October 17th 1990)


Shrek (May 18th 2001)

Shrek 2 (May 15th 2004)

Shrek The Third (May 18th 2007)

Shrek Forever After (April 21st 2010)

Video Games

Shrek (November 15th 2001) for Xbox

Shrek: Trasure Hunt (2002) for PlayStation

Shrek: Hassle at the Catle (October 10th 2002) for GBA

Shrek Extra Large (October 31st 2002) for GameCube

Shrek Super Party (November 16th 2002) for GameCube, PS2, and Xbox

Shrek 2 (June 18th 2004) for PC, Mac, GameCube, Xbox, PS2, GBA, and Mobile Devices

Shrek SuperSlam (October 25th 2005) for GameCube, GBA, Xbox, PC, PS2, and Nintendo DS

Shrek Smash n'Crash Racing (November 14th 2006) for PS2, Nintendo DS, PSP, GameCube, and PSP

Shrek the Third (May 14th 2007) for GBA, Nintendo DS, PC, PlayStation Portable,  Wii, Xbox 360, and Mobile Devices

Shrek n'Roll (November 14th 2007) for Xbox 360

Shrek Forever After (May 18th 2010) for PC, PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, and iOS


DreamWorks' Puss in Boots

Links to Other Series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Tony Hawk's2004104 October 4, 2004Shrek is playable in Underground 2.1

5Arrow R Father of the Pride2004921 September 21, 2004Donkey appears in an episode named after him in the show Father of the Pride.1



Madagascar20111027 October 27, 2011Shrek is playable in Madagascar Kartz. Characters from Madagascar appear in the GBA version of Shrek the Third.1


Double Arrow R

DreamWorks' Puss in Boots20111028 October 28, 2011Puss in Boots is a spinoff of Shrek.1

5Arrow R DreamWorks Super Star Kartz20111115 November 15, 2011Shrek is playable in DreamWorks Super Star Kartz.1

5Arrow R Land Sliders20160517 May 17, 2016Land Sliders features Shrek as an unlockable character.1