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A shoveling knight

Shovel Knight, the main character of the series

Shovel Knight is an indie platformer game by Yacht Club Games.

Video Games

Shovel Knight (June 26, 2014), PC, 3DS, Wii U, Mac, PlayStation Network, and Nintendo Switch.


  • Wave 1 (December 11, 2015): consisting in one single Shovel Knight amiibo.
  • Wave 2 (April 9, 2019): consisting in three amiibo: Specter Knight, Plague Knight, King Knight.

Links to Other Series

Mascot link: The Baz makes an appearance in Shovel Knight.

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Adventures of Pip20140522 May 22, 2014Shovel Knight makes a cameo in an updated version of Adventures of Pip.1

5Arrow R Two Brothers20140612 June 12, 2014Shovel Knight makes a cameo in an updated version of Two Brothers.1

5Arrow R Super Indie Karts201408 August 2014Shovel Knight was going to be a playable character in Super Indie Karts.51

5Arrow R Road Redemption20140914 September 14, 2014Shovel Knight is a playable character in Road Redemption.1

5Arrow R Cook, Serve, Delicious!20141117 November 17, 2014Shovel Knight is a playable character in Cook, Serve, Delicious!.1

4Arrow L God of War20150421 April 21, 2015In the Playstation version of Shovel Knight, Kratos from God of War appears as a boss.1

5Arrow R The Reward: Tales of Alethrion20150422 April 22, 2015Shovel Knight makes a brief appearance in the episode "The First Hero".1

5Arrow R C-Wars2015 2015Shovel Knight will make a cameo in the upcoming C-Wars.1

4Arrow L Battletoads20150429 April 29, 2015The Battletoads appear in the Xbox One version of Shovel Knight.1

5Arrow R Runbow20150827 August 27, 2015Shovel Knight is a playable character in Runbow.1

5Arrow R ASDAD: All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds20151001 October 01, 2015Shovel Knight is a playable character in ASDAD: All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds.1

5Arrow R Mutant Mudds20160328 March 28, 2016Shovel Knight is a playable character in Mutant Mudds Super Challenge.1

5Arrow R Dino Run20160519 May 19, 2016Dino Run DX features a hat based on Shovel Knight.2

5Arrow R Hex Heroes2016 2016Shovel Knight will be a playable character in the upcoming Hex Heroes.1

5Arrow R Azure Striker Gunvolt20160825 August 25, 2016Using a Shovel Knight amiibo in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 allows the player to fight Shovel Knight.1

5Arrow R Creepy Castle20161031 October 31, 2016Plague Knight from Shovel Knight appears in Creepy Castle.1

5Arrow R Yooka-Laylee20170411 April 11, 2017Shovel Knight appears as a character in the game Yooka-Laylee.1

5Arrow R Blaster Master20170803 August 03, 2017Shovel Knight is a downloadable character for Blaster Master Zero.1

5Arrow R Aegis Defenders20180208 February 08, 2018Shovel Knight makes an appearance in Aegis Defenders.1

5Arrow R Bit.Trip20180522 May 22, 2018Shovel Knight is in Runner3.1

5Arrow R Indie Pogo20180710 July 10, 2018Shovel Knight is a playable character in Indie Pogo.1

5Arrow R Blade Strangers20180828 August 28, 2018Shovel Knight is a playable character in Blade Strangers.1

5Arrow R Rivals of Aether20180914 September 14, 2018Shovel Knight is a downloadable fighter in Rivals of Aether.1

5Arrow R Brawlhalla20181003 October 03, 2018Shovel Knight characters and weapons appear in Brawlhalla.1

5Arrow R Super Smash Bros.20181207 December 07, 2018Shovel Knight appears as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and various characters from the series also appear as spirits.1