A shadow warrior

Shadow Warrior is a first person shooter by GT Interactive.

Video games

Shadow Warrior (May 13th 1997)for PC

Shadow Warrior (May 20th 2013) for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Tomb Raider19970513 May 13, 1997In the game you can find Lara Croft in a prison cell chained to a wall as your character say "She's raided her last tomb".1

4Arrow L Sailor Moon19970513 May 13, 1997In the game you can find a woman looking like Sailor Moon in a bed.3

4Arrow L Speed Racer19970513 May 13, 1997The Speed Racer car appears in Shadow Warrior.3

4Arrow L Godzilla20130520 May 20, 2013A silhouette of Godzilla makes an appearance in Shadow Warrior.3

5Arrow R Payday20170131 January 31, 2017The Kazaguruma from Shadow Warrior 2 is a usable weapon in Payday 2.1