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Sanshiro Sugata is a movie by Toho. The plot starts in 1882, the young Sanshiro goes to a gym Ju Jutsu to learn the martial arts; but he was struck by the lack of morality and value in men who met there. He was invited to attend an event: the Monma teacher wants to demonstrate the superiority of their discipline on judo by defeating the Master Yano Shogoro. However, that night, Yano defeats one after another all challengers.

The young man is struck by the elegance and inner strength that emerges from the man and decides to become his apprentice. By overcoming the defects of his personality, through a continuous and suffered internal improvement, Sanshiro manages to make himself worthy of the master's teachings (the scene important where, following a fair reproach, the young man spent the night in a frozen lake to prove also be ready to die to gain the esteem of Yano).

Following are presented a series of duels won by the young champion against the masters of the rival discipline, concluding with the final in a deadly race against noble Higaki in the scenario of a hill buffeted by storm.

In the second part the plot starts with the judo champion Sanshiro (well-established) continues his duels again defeating the representatives of the school of jujitsu. One day he receives the challenge of a US entrepreneur who wants to involve him in a boxing match. He refuses, but disdained by the end touched his substitute, agrees to fight and ridicules his opponent.

The movie has these remakes:

  • Sugata Sanshiro (1955)
  • Sugata Sanshiro (1965)
  • Ninkyo Yawara Ichidai (1966)
  • Sugata Sanshiro (1970)
  • Sugata Sanshiro (1977)

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