This page explains in detail the interactions between the Robot Chicken series and the Zelda series.

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200799 September 9, 2007

RobotChicken 305 RescuingZelda

Link getting his "reward" from Zelda.


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The segment "Rescuing Zelda" in the fifth episode of Season 3 of Robot Chicken (Episode #45), is a parody of the Zelda series. It shows Link shooting an arrow at Ganondorf, killing him, and then freeing Princess Zelda. Ganon and Link are based on their appearance form from Ocarina of Time, with Link specifically in his adult form, while Zelda is based on her Twilight Princess incarnation, only with blonde hair, like her Ocarina of Time persona, rather than brown. Despite this, the plot seems to be based on the original The Legend of Zelda, due to Ganondorf being defeated by an arrow, the princess calling him "Ganon", rather than Ganondorf, and Link saying that he killed thousands of Octoroks and retrieved the Triforce of Wisdom (Octoroks also appear in other Zelda games, but are the most basic enemy in the original Zelda). In the end the only reward he gets is a Red Rupee worth 8 Rupees (though in most games a Red Rupee is worth 20 Rupees).


The producers of Robot Chicken didn't hold any right over Nintendo's Zelda, but they only featured elements from the series for parody purposes.