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Rivals of Aether is a platform fighting game based off of Super Smash Bros. created by Dan Fornance.

Video Games

Rivals of Aether (March 28, 2017) for PC and Xbox One.

Links to Other Series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Dungeon Hearts20161110 November 10, 2016Orcane appears as a playable character in Dungeon Hearts DX.1

5Arrow R River City Ransom20170227 February 27, 2017Zetterburn from Rivals of Aether makes a cameo appearance in River City Ransom: Underground.1

4Arrow L Tower of Heaven20170328 March 28, 2017The Tower of Heaven is a playable stage in Rivals of Aether.1


Double Arrow L

Super Smash Bros.20170328 March 28, 2017Rivals of Aether takes heavy inspiration from Super Smash Bros. Melee, and borrows many of the techniques from said game. One of the characters in Rivals of Aether, Zetterburn, even has a skin that "includes" Fox's shine move.3

4Arrow L Ori and the Blind Forest20170803 August 03, 2017Ori, coupled with Sein, is a downloadable fighter in Rivals of Aether.1


Arrow L & R

Brawlhalla20180117 January 17, 2018Ragnir is an Alternate Skin for Maypul in Rivals of Aether, while Ranno appears as a skin for Wu Shang in Brawlhalla.1

5Arrow R Indie Pogo20180710 July 10, 2018Orcane is a playable character in Indie Pogo.1

4Arrow L Shovel Knight20180914 September 14, 2018Shovel Knight is a downloadable fighter in Rivals of Aether.1