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Red vs Blue is a series by Rooster Teeth.For more information see:rvb wikia.

Web Series

Red vs Blue (1 April 2003-present).

Red vs Blue Out of Mind(16 Jume 2006-4 September 2006).

Red vs Blue Recovery One(28 October 2007-7 December 2007).
Red Team

Red team the main characters of the series.

Red vs Blue Relocated(9 February 2009-9 March 2009).

Red vs Blue MIA(13 November 2011-17 December 2011).

Red vs. Blue: Where There's a Will, There's a Wall(14 April 2012-28 April 2012).

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Halo20030401 April 01, 2003Red vs Blue series is a parody of Halo series.3