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Herbert West

Herbert West, the main character of the series.

Re-Animator is a series of horror movies created by Stuart Gordon, which also spawned works in other media as well.


Re-Animator (October 18th 1985)

Bride of Re-Amimator (September 8th 1990)

Beyond Re-Animator (April 4th 2003)

Comic Books

A Comic Series were made by Adventure Comics, Zenoscope Entertainment and Malibu Comics.

Stage Shows

A Musical for this has been made in 2011

Links to other series

(Note: This follows from The Movie Version not the book because its a Public Domain when the movie series is not.)

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Splatterhouse1988 1988The Splatterhouse video game series features a mad scientist called "Dr. Henry West", owner of "West Mansion", the setting for the series. This Dr. West was also conducting experiments to resurrect the dead.3

5Arrow R Batman200011 November 2000Herbert West is the Doctor that Mayor Harvey Dent sees in the Batman Elseworlds comic book series, The Doom That Came To Gotham.1

5Arrow R Mystery of the Necronomicon2001 2001Herbert West is a main character in the anime Mystery of the Necronomicon.1

5Arrow R A Shoggoth on the Roof20051104 November 04, 2005Herbert West appears in the stage play A Shoggoth on the Roof.1

5Arrow R Kammaren20070504 May 04, 2007Herbert West appears in the film Kammaren.1

5Arrow R ObsCure20071007 October 07, 2007In the video game Obscure 2, the player picks up a keycard in the hospital belonging to a man named Herbert West.3

5Arrow R Operation Darkness20071011 October 11, 2007Herbert West is a main character in the Japanese video game Operation Darkness.1



Hack/Slash20080820 August 20, 2008Re-Animator vs. Hack/Slash is a crossover between the two series.1



Evil Dead20121006 October 06, 2012Re-Animator vs. The Army of Darkness is a crossover between the two series.1