This page explains in detail the interactions between the Rally-X series and the Wreck-It Ralph series.

Wreck-It Ralph

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At a certain point in the movie, Fix-It Felix tells the story of Turbo, the main character from an old racing game called TurboTime. His game was by far the most popular in the arcade until a newer game, RoadBlasters, was plugged in (see RoadBlasters X Wreck-It Ralph). Jealous over that game, he left TurboTime to take over RoadBlasters, causing it to glitch out and both games to be unplugged for good.

The game cabinet of TurboTime is heavly based on a specific type of cabinets for Rally-X: all colors and designs match almost perfectly, most notably the upper plate on the front being green with the respective game's title in orange and blue on the left, and a racer's artwork on the right, while the side of the cabinet is white with the same artwork from the front in a round shape with the title on its top. The most notable difference is that while Rally-X is controlled by a regular stick, TurboTime features a driving wheel, probably because of it being an actual racing game rather than a maze game.

Turbo's artwork, and therefore Turbo himself, highly resembles the unnamed racer's artwork from Rally-X, both driving a red car with blue wheels oriented in the same direction and both having pale skin and wearing a white and red helmet. Is also notable that the Rally-X racer has a very pointy nose, like turbo is shown to have when in 3D, but he also has a big chin unlike Turbo. Additionally, they are both shown with blue eyes in the artwork, while Turbo and the other racers are shown in-game to have yellow eyes and teeth, possibly due to the game's graphic limitations. Also the racer is shown with an angry expression, whille Turbo is smiling and giving a thumb-up, but he's actually depicted as an evil character in the movie.

TurboTime's gameplay is only shown for a brief moment in the movie, and a round race track can be seen, indicating it to feature a top perspective, just like Rally-X, but as already said, it also seems an actual racing game, rather than a maze game. An animation of Turbo winning is then shown, something totally absent from Rally-X.


Disney obtained from Namco Bandai the rights to include characters from the game series Pac-Man and Dig Dug, so it's possible that Namco also authorized the use of Rally-X elements, but the creators of the movie decided to change it into an original game, but it's also possible that they didn't need an authorization to only include some minor references.