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Quiz Nanairo Dreams is a hybrid puzzle/dating sim video game series by Capcom.

Video Games

  • Quiz Nanairo Dreams: Nijiro-chou no Kiseki (August 1996). Arcade. Later released on PlayStation, Saturn and mobile phones.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Evangelion199608 August 1996Saki Omokane and other girls from Quiz Nanairo Dreams were based on characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion.3

4Arrow L Cyberbots199608 August 1996Charlotte from Quiz Nanairo Dreams was based on Devilot from Cyberbots.3

4Arrow L Puzzle Fighter199608 August 1996Charlotte's dungeon from Quiz Nanairo Dreams uses an edited version of the background from Devilot's stage in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.3

4Arrow L Godzilla199608 August 1996Quiz Nanairo Dreams features a giant monster inspired in Godzilla.3

5Arrow R Marvel vs. Capcom19980112 January 12, 1998Saki Omokane is an assist character in Marvel vs. Capcom.1

5Arrow R Pocket Fighter19980611 June 11, 1998Characters from Quiz Nanairo Dreams make cameo appearances in the PlayStation and Saturn ports of Pocket Fighter.1

5Arrow R SNK vs. Capcom19991021 October 21, 1999Various Quiz Nanairo Dreams characters are featured in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters games.2

5Arrow R Tatsunoko vs. Capcom20081211 December 11, 2008Saki Omokane is selectable in the Wii ports of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.1

5Arrow R Onimusha20120628 June 28, 2012Saki Omokane from Quiz Nanairo Dreams appears in Onimusha Soul.1

5Arrow R Minna to Series20121025 October 25, 2012Minna to Capcom All Stars features Saki Omokane from Quiz Nanairo Dreams, and she later appears in official art for Street Fighter × All Capcom.1

5Arrow R Street Fighter20131119 November 19, 2013Saki Omokane from Quiz Nanairo Dreams appears in official art for Street Fighter × All Capcom.3

5Arrow R GameCenter CX20150507 May 07, 2015Arino plays the PlayStation port of Quiz Nanairo Dreams in episode 199 of GameCenter CX.2