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Qix is a series of puzzle videogames by Taito.

The gameplay has the player control a cursor to draw lines on the screen trying to create a closed shape and clear a portion of the screen, while trying not to let the titular moving obstacle touch any of the lines as they're being drawn.
While the first game in the series is a purely abstract game, subsequent games added fictional elements, most notably Volfied having space themes, with the player cursor represented by a spaceship, and Qix Adventure starring a boy named Speedy who travels around the world and fights monsters.

Released games are:

  • Qix (October 18, 1981), arcade. Later re-released for Atari 5200, Atari 400/800, Apple II, Commodore 64, DOS, Amiga, Apple IIGS, Game Boy, NES, and Atari Lynx, with each version featuring graphic enhancements depending on the console's capabilities. The Game Boy version was also re-released in 2011 for 3DS Virtual Console.
  • Qix II-Tournament (1982), Arcade.
  • Super Qix (1987), Arcade.
  • Volfied (1989), Arcade. Also released for DOS, and later released for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis as Ultimate Qix and for PlayStation as Qix Neo. Later also released for mobile phone as Volfied.
  • Twin Qix (1995), Arcade. Never released to the public, only prototype versions were created and distributed in limited quantity.
  • Qix 2000 (October 26, 2000), PlayStation.
  • Qix Adventure (November 16, 2000), Game Boy Color.
  • Battle Qix (October 24, 2002), Arcade, PlayStation.
  • Qix++ (December 9, 2009), XBox Live Arcade, PSP.

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Direction Series Date Description Type


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Styx 1983 1983 Styx is a clone of Qix. 3
4Arrow L.png Bubble Bobble 1987 1987 Super Qix features images of characters from Bubble Bobble. 2
4Arrow L.png Mario 19900413 April 13, 1990 The Game Boy version of Qix features cameos of Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach.
4Arrow L.png Tetris 19900413 April 13, 1990 Multiplayer mode in the Game Boy version of Qix is based on Multiplayer mode from the Game Boy version of Tetris.

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Gals Panic 199011 November 1990 The Gals Panic series features the same gameplay of Qix. 3
5Arrow R.png Cacoma Knight 19921121 November 21, 1992 Cacoma Knight takes gameplay elements from Qix. 3
5Arrow R.png Taito Memories 20050825 August 25, 2005 Qix is included in Taito Memories Volume 2 and Taito Memories Pocket, while Super Qix is included in Taito Memories II Volume 1. 2
5Arrow R.png Taito Legends 20051014 October 14, 2005 Super Qix is included in Taito Legends, while Qix is included in Taito Legends 2 and Taito Legends Power-Up. 2
5Arrow R.png Bully (Rockstar) 20061017 October 17, 2006 The "Art Class" minigame in Bully is based on Qix. 3
5Arrow R.png Wreck-It Ralph 20121102 November 02, 2012 The Qix makes an appearance in Wreck-It Ralph. 2