This page lists the Nintendo-themed puzzles in the game Pushmo.

Note that Mario-themed puzzles in its sequel are not listed here, for those see here.


20111005 October 05, 2011


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Pushmo 043 Mario1

Puzzle 43: Mario (1)

The game features two Nintendo-themed sets of puzzles, called "Nintendo Murals" and "Bonus Nintendo Murals", and include sprites from the series Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Ice Climber, Balloon Fight, Excite, Kid Icarus, Metroid and Urban Champion.

The only series with more than one puzzle are Mario with 19, Zelda with 9 and Excite with 2. For specific information on those see Mario X Pushmo, Pushmo X Zelda and Excite X Pushmo.

Apart from the Nintendo categories, there's a puzzle shaped like Mario's head in the Murals 1 category. Specifically, it's puzzle n. 43 and is based on the extra life sprite from Mario Bros.

Nintendo Murals

The Nintendo Murals category includes 18 puzzles based on sprites from Nintendo games. These are, with the game they're taken from in brackets:

Bonus Nintendo Murals

The Bonus Nintendo Murals category includes 18 more puzzles based on sprites from Nintendo games and are based on larger sprites, increasing the difficulty. These are:


Rights for all the involved series are held by Nintendo.