This page explains in detail the interactions between the Phantasy Star series and the Zelda series.

Phantasy Star 0

20081225 December 25, 2008

PS0 HylianShield

The Hylian Shield in Phantasy Star 0.


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The Hylian Shield from the Zelda series, specifically in its look from Twilight Princess is obtainable in the Japanese version of the game by using the following vendor machine code: 3486-1881.

Additionally a weapon in the game called Octo Bazooka, that it's a living octopus, is believed by some to be based on the Octorock enemy, but this was never confirmed and is likely a coincidence.


While produced by Sega, Phantasy Star 0 was licensed by Nintendo to be released on the Nintendo DS. The license also included use of Zelda elements for weapons, as well as Mario elements and Metroid elements and even a weapon based on the Nintendo Power magazine.