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Charlie Brown and Snoopy, the main characters of the series

Peanuts is a comic strip series authored by Charles M. Schulz, which has expanded over the years to cover several other media such as animation, film and television. The series is also known under the name of its two main caracters: Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

Comic Strip

  • Peanuts (October 02, 1950 - February 13, 2000).
  • The Complete Peanuts (May 2004 - April 2016). A 12-volume reprint of the entire Peanuts comic strips.
  • Peanuts Every Sunday (December 2013 - 2022). A reprint of the sunday strips in full color.


  • A Boy Named Charlie Brown (December 4, 1969)
  • Snoopy, Come Home (August 9, 1972)
  • Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown (August 25, 1977)
  • Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!) (May 30, 1980)
  • The Peanuts Movie (November 6, 2015)



  • A Charlie Brown Christmas (December 9, 1965)
  • Charlie Brown's All Stars (June 8, 1966)
  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (October 27, 1966)
  • You're in Love, Charlie Brown (June 12, 1967)
  • He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown (February 14, 1968)
  • It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown (September 27, 1969)
  • Play It Again, Charlie Brown (March 28, 1971)
  • You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown (October 29, 1972)
  • There's No Time for Love, Charlie Brown (March 11, 1973)
  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (November 20, 1973)
  • It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown (February 1, 1974)
  • It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (April 9, 1974)
  • Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (January 28, 1975)
  • You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown (October 28, 1975)
  • It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown (March 16, 1976)
  • It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown (October 24, 1977)
  • What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown! (February 23, 1978)
  • You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown (March 19, 1979)
  • She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown (February 25, 1980)
  • Life Is a Circus, Charlie Brown (October 24, 1980)
  • It's Magic, Charlie Brown (April 28, 1981)
  • Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie Brown (October 30, 1981)
  • A Charlie Brown Celebration (May 24, 1982)
  • Is This Goodbye, Charlie Brown? (February 21, 1983)
  • It's an Adventure, Charlie Brown (May 16, 1983)
  • What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown? (May 30, 1983)
  • It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown (April 16, 1984)
  • Snoopy's Getting Married, Charlie Brown (March 20, 1985)
  • You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (November 6, 1985)
  • Happy New Year, Charlie Brown! (January 1, 1986)
  • Snoopy!!! The Musical (January 29, 1988)
  • It's the Girl in the Red Truck, Charlie Brown (September 27, 1988)
  • Why, Charlie Brown, Why? (March 16, 1990)
  • Snoopy's Reunion (May 1, 1991)
  • It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown (1992)
  • It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown (November 27, 1992)
  • You're in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown (January 18, 1994)
  • It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown (September 14, 1996)
  • It's the Pied Piper, Charlie Brown (2000)
  • A Charlie Brown Valentine (February 14, 2002)
  • Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales (December 8, 2002)
  • Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown (August 29, 2003)
  • I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown (December 9, 2003)
  • He's a Bully, Charlie Brown (November 20, 2006)
  • Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown (March 29, 2011)


  • The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show (September 17, 1983 - August 3, 1986). A 18-episodes series aired by CBS.
  • This is America, Charlie Brown (October 21, 1988 - May 23, 1989). An 8-episode mini-series.
  • Peanuts Motion Comics (2008). A series of 20 cartoon shorts released through iTunes. Later released to DVD in March 9, 2010.
  • Peanuts (2016). A Cartoon Network series adapted from the original comics.


  • You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (1967)
  • Snoopy: The Musical (1975)

Video Games

  • Snoopy and the Red Baron (1983). Atari 2600.
  • Charlie Brown ABCs (1984). Commodore 64.
  • Snoopy (1984). Commodore 64.
  • Snoopy's Magic Show (April 28, 1990). Game Boy.
  • Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular! (September 22, 1988). NES.
  • Snoopy's Game Club (1992). PC.
  • Get Ready for School, Charlie Brown! (1995). PC.
  • Snoopy Concert (May 19, 1995). Super Famicom.
  • Snoopy no Hajimete no Otsukai (1996). Game Boy.
  • Snoopy Tennis (April 6, 2001). Game Boy Color.
  • Where's the Blanket, Charlie Brown? (2003). PC.
  • Snoopy vs. the Red Baron (October 24, 2006). PlayStation 2, PSP and PC.
  • Charlie Brown All-Stars (2006). PlayStation 2.
  • It's the Big Game, Charlie Brown! (2007)
  • Snoopy no Aiken DS: Chitte Okitai Inu no Koto - Inu no Nouryoku - Anata no Shitsuke (2009). Nintendo DS.
  • Snoopy's Flying Ace (June 2, 2010). Xbox 360.
  • Snoopy's Street Fair (2011). iPad and Android.
  • Charlie Brown's All Stars! (2013). iPad and Android.
  • Snoopy Coaster (2013). iPad and Android.
  • Snoopy's Candy Town (2013). iPad and Android.
  • Snoopy's Sugar Drop (2014). iPad.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Mickey Mouse19551126 November 26, 1955Some Peanuts strips feature references to Mickey Mouse.2

5Arrow R Archie19671201 December 01, 1967Betty and Veronica issue #144 features a poster of Peanuts.2

5Arrow R Tintin19750901 September 01, 1975Tintin and the Picaros features masks of Charlie Brown in a carnival parade.2

4Arrow L The Great Gatsby19800522 May 22, 1980There are several references to The Great Gatsby in the Peanuts comic strips.3

5Arrow R Batman198702 February 1987Batman: Year One issue #1 features a Snoopy lamp in one panel.2

4Arrow L Donald Duck19880922 September 22, 1988The Japanese NES game Donald Duck was repurposed as Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular! in America.3

5Arrow R The Simpsons19891217 December 17, 1989There are several references to Peanuts in the Simpsons series.2

5Arrow R Tiny Toon Adventures19910916 September 16, 1991The Tiny Toon Adventures episodes "Pledge Week" and "It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special" feature references to Peanuts.3

5Arrow R 3rd Rock from the Sun19961215 December 15, 1996The 3rd Rock from the Sun episode "Jolly Old St. Dick" features a minor reference to A Charlie Brown Christmas.3

5Arrow R Dexter's Laboratory19971203 December 03, 1997The Dexter's Laboratory episode "Sports a Poppin'" features references to Peanuts.3

5Arrow R Buffy the Vampire Slayer19980224 February 24, 1998In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Passion", Willow and Xander say they watch A Charlie Brown Christmas as a christmas tradition.2

5Arrow R Transmetropolitan19980901 September 01, 1998Transmetropolitan features a bodyguard character that looks similar to a grown-up Charlie Brown.3

5Arrow R Just Shoot Me!19981215 December 15, 1998In the Just Shoot Me! episode "How the Finch Stole Christmas", Elliot is dressed as Charlie Brown.2

5Arrow R The King of Queens19990118 January 18, 1999The King of Queens episode "Dog Days" features a minor reference to the Peanuts comic strip.2

5Arrow R Arthur (PBS)19990531 May 31, 1999The Arthur episode "A Long, Dull Christmas" features a minor reference to Charlie Brown and Snoopy.3

4Arrow L Harry Potter19991101 November 01, 1999In one Peanuts strip, Sally writes fan letters to Harry Potter, unaware he's fictional.2

5Arrow R Top 102000 2000Top 10 issue #6 features a kid dressed with a combined Charlie Brown/Dr. Doom attire, and a dog following him wearing Snoopy's red scarf and goggles.3

5Arrow R Family Guy20000712 July 12, 2000There are several references to Peanuts in the Family Guy series.3

5Arrow R South Park20001220 December 20, 2000The cast of South Park watch and criticize A Charlie Brown Christmas in the episode "A Very Crappy Christmas".2

5Arrow R The West Wing20010124 January 24, 2001The West Wing episode "The Drop-In" features a reference to Charlie Brown, Lucy and her football prank.2

5Arrow R Johnny Bravo20010330 March 30, 2001The Johnny Bravo episode "Freudian Dip" features a minor reference to Peanuts.3

5Arrow R Friends20011101 November 01, 2001In the Friends episode "The One with the Halloween Party", Gunther is dressed as Charlie Brown.2

5Arrow R That '70s Show20011218 December 18, 2001The That '70s Show episode "An Eric Forman Christmas" features references to A Charlie Brown Christmas.3

5Arrow R Malcolm in the Middle20030202 February 02, 2003The Malcolm in the Middle episode "Grandma Sues" features a reference to Peanuts.2

5Arrow R Kill Bill20031010 October 10, 2003Kill Bill: Volume 1 features a character nicknamed Charlie Brown, whose appearance is simialr to the Peanuts character.3

5Arrow R The Fairly OddParents20040703 July 03, 2004In the episode Channel Chasers they go to the show Walnuts, a parody of Peanuts.3

5Arrow R Arrested Development20041114 November 14, 2004There are several minor references to Peanuts in Arrested Development.3

5Arrow R My Life as a Teenage Robot20041208 December 08, 2004In the My Life as a Teenage Robot episode "A Robot for All Seasons" there's a kid looking like Charlie Brown.3

5Arrow R Robot Chicken20050327 March 27, 2005The Robot Chicken episodes "Vegetable Funfest" and !1987" feature segments parodying Peanuts.3

5Arrow R The Boondocks20051218 December 18, 2005The Boondocks episode "A Huey Freeman Christmas" features several references to A Charlie Brown Christmas.3

5Arrow R Unaccompanied Minors20061208 December 08, 2006There's a minor reference to A Charlie Brown Christmas in Unaccompanied Minors.3

5Arrow R Poptropica2010 2010A Peanuts based island is in Poptropica.1

5Arrow R Wander Over Yonder20130913 September 13, 2013There are references to Peanuts in Wander Over Yonder.3

5Arrow R Bojack Horseman2015717 July 17, 2015Back to the Future was mentioned in the Bojack Horseman episode "Yesterdayland".2

5Arrow R Roblox20151026 October 26, 2015In a limited time event in Roblox, players could get Peanuts-themed gear and spawn Snoopy as a companion. Due to the Toy Story rule, this can be considered a real incarnation of Snoopy.1

5Arrow R Over the Hedge20151213 December 13, 2015Characters from Over the Hedge interact with Linus van Pelt. Both series are owned by Andrews McMeel Syndication.1

5Arrow R The Loud House2016922 September 22, 2016Lincoln is wearing Charlie's winter outfit from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" in The Loud House episode "Homespun".2