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Onesimus: A Quest for Freedom is a Christian platformer video game developed by Epic Games and produced by Ark Multimedia Publishing, released for MS-DOS in 1992.

Onesimus gameplay

A scene from the game.

The game is inspired on the life of Saint Onesimus, a runaway slave from the New Testament.

The game is actually a reskin of Jill Saves the Prince, part of the Jill of the Jungle series, and is therefore considered a spin-off of it.

The game features most of the same elements as Jill Saves the Prince including items and enemies, altough some were redesigned. The levels included are the same as Jill Saves the Prince, but there also are some from its prequels.

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Jill of the Jungle1992 1992Onesimus: A Quest for Freedom is based on Jill Saves the Prince also featuring many of the same elements.