This page explains in detail the interactions between the Nostalgia Critic series and the Zelda series.

Nostalgia Critic episode Super Mario Brothers Super Show

Nostalgia Critic Super Mario Brothers Super Show

Nostalgia Critic Super Mario Brothers Super Show

The full episode.

20080328 March 28, 2008


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Episode #40 of Nostalgia Critic is a review of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and he also includes a review of the Zelda animated series, since it was broadcasted as the friday episode of the Mario cartoon.

He admits that the Zelda cartoon wasn't as bad as the Mario one, but he criticizes the depiction of Link, especially his catchphrase "Well, excuuuse me, princess!", and how predictable the plot is. He also criticizes the fact that there only are two parts of the Triforce rather than three, and even says: '"Wasn't there originally three Triforces? I mean, that's why it was called the "Triforce", right? Because there's three of them, and they come together as one." But he's wrong, in the original The Legend of Zelda there only were two Triforces, with the third introduced in Zelda II, so the name "Triforce" likely came from their triangular shape. On the other hand the show did take some elements from Zelda II, so they could aknowledge the third Triforce.


The creators of Nostalgia Critic held no right over Nintendo's Zelda, but they only included references for reviewing pureposes.