This page explains the references to the Nester and Punch-Out!! series within the Scott Pilgrim series.

Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness

20060524 May 24, 2006


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The second page of the comic.

A strip by Josh Lesnick in the third volume of the Scott Pilgrim comic, shows Scott Pilgrim fighting King Hippo from the NES game Punch-Out!! at first Scott is losing, but then Howard Phillips explains him how to defeat the opponent. Scott then thanks him saying to be glad that he joined the Nintendo Fun Club.

The way to defeat King Hippo in the comic is the same as in the original game, and Scott's reference to the Nintendo Fun Club is a reference to Doc Louis from Punch-Out!! that between matches would occasionally say "Join the Nintendo Fun Club today! Mac."

While Howard Phillips is a real life person, he appears specifically in his fictional incarnation from the Nester comics and part of Nester's face can even be seen next to him.

Despite these accurances, since this comic wasn't licensed by Nintendo, we can't consider them the actual King Hippo, Howard and Nester, but only characters based on them.


The creators of Scott Pilgrim held no right on Nintendo's Nester and Punch-Out!! but they only included parodies of their characters.