Mystery Science Theater 3000

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 or also called MST3Kis a series created by Best Brains.

Cinema & TV

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (November 24th 1988-August 8th 1999) 

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (April 19th 1996)

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Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Mario19900130 January 30, 1990Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode 111 and some later episodes feature references to the Mario series.

5Arrow R Space Ghost19960209 February 09, 1996Joel Hodgson appears in the Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode "$20.01" talking about Mystery Sience Theatre 3000.2

5Arrow R Futurama20000227 February 27, 2000Robots looking like Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo appear in the Futurama episode "Raging Bender".3

5Arrow R Green Lantern20101020 October 20, 2010A satellite looking like The Satellite of Love, the ship in Mystery Science Theater 3000 makes a cameo appearance in Green Lantern Corps #53 as some "discarded space refuse".3

5Arrow R Primordia20121205 December 05, 2012A robot looking like Tom Servo is found dead in Primordia.3