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Motu Patlu is an Indian series that began as a comic in Lotpot before it received an animated series by Cosmos-Maya that airs on Nickelodeon India.

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Commercial Links: Characters from the series appear in the Nickelodeon India Teacher's Day: Guru Cool commercial and Characters from the series appear in the Celebrate Children's day with WowKidz commercial.

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Hulk (Marvel)20150919 September 19, 2015The Motu Patlu episode "The Bulk" has references to Hulk.3

4Arrow L Crazy Frog20160612 June 12, 2016Motu has a Crazy Frog ringtone in Motu Patlu 36 Ghantey Race Against Time.2


Double Arrow R

Inspector Chingum20180504 May 04, 2018Inspector Chingum is a spin-off of Motu Patlu.1