In this page explaind the links in Mighty Gunvolt.

Mighty Gunvolt

20140820 August 20, 2014


Mighty Gunvolt4Arrow L Inti Creates


Mighty Gunvolt4Arrow L Megaman

Inti Creates series

In Mighty Gunvolt appear Gunvolt (from Azure Striker Gunvolt), Beck (from Mighty No. 9) and Ekoro (from Gal*Gun).


The game follows the classic 8 Bit games similar to the first 6 Megaman games and Mighty Gunvolt featured the same gameplay of the Mega Man series.


Mighty Gunvolt was a crossover between sets of Inti Creates then had right on the series, about Megaman no, because Inti Creates had no right to Megaman, had earlier developed such games of Megaman and due to this Inti Creates was influenced by Megaman gameplay and is the same thing you see in the other series of the Inti Creates: Mighty No. 9 and Azure Striker Gunvolt.