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Meets World is a series by ABC and later Disney.


Boy Meets World (September 24th 1993 - May 5th 2000)

Girl Meets World (June 27th 2014 - January 20th 2017)

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Step by Step1996510 May 10, 1996Dana from Step by Step appears on the Boy Meets World episode "The Happiest Show on Earth".1

4Arrow L Mario19970321 March 21, 1997The Boy Meets World episode "Quiz Show" features a reference to the Mario series.

4Arrow L Sabrina the Teenage Witch19971031 October 31, 1997Sabrina appears in the Boy Meets World episode "The Witches of Pennbrook" and Salem appears in the Boy Meets World episode "No Guts, No Cory".

4Arrow L Star Wars20140808 August 08, 2014A fake hanging light-saber is shown in the episode Girl Meets Popular.2

4Arrow L Batman20150717 July 17, 2015The new English teacher has the students reading a Batman graphic novel in Girl Meets World.2

4Arrow L Austin & Ally20151002 October 02, 2015Characters from Austin & Ally appear in an episode of Girl Meets World.

5Arrow R Best Friends Whenever20151004 October 04, 2015Characters from Girl Meets World appear in an episode of Best Friends Whenever.

5Arrow R Just Dance20151020 October 20, 2015Just Dance: Disney Party 2 features the track "Take On the World" from Girl Meets World.2