This page explains in detail the interactions between the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series and the Zelda series.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Wii)

(20061114 November 14, 2006)


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MarvelUA Link

The old image of Link showing the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance logo and Link's alternate look on the bottom right.

During development for the Wii version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Link was included as an exclusive character along with Samus from Metroid, but they were ultimately scrapped.

Link's appearance was based mostly on his Twilight Princess incarnation, though he possibly would have had an alternate skin based on his Ocarina of Time incarnation. As special moves he was going to have the Sword Beam, the Spin Attack, and the Down Thrust move, which would create a wave damaging near opponents.

The only source for this information is the official site of Jason Harlow, a senior artist from Vicarious Visions, the company that developed this version of the game. In his site he posted some images of the 3D model of Link and animations of the two characters in battle. For some reason, though, the animations were later removed, as were references to the game in Link's images, which were then labeled "Personal project". (found here:[1])


While created pureposelly for the Wii version, it seems that Link and Samus were removed from the game on Nintendo's request. Another oddity is that Jason Harlow removed from his site any evidence of Link and Samus ever being intended to appear in the game. This likely has to do with bad publicity that would go to the game from showing features not in the final version.