This page explains in detail the interactions between the Mario series and the Wrecking Crew series.

Vs. Wrecking Crew



A screenshot of Vs. Wrecking Crew, featuring Mario and Luigi.


Mario2 Double Arrow R Wrecking Crew

The original arcade version of Wrecking Crew was created as a spin-off of the Mario series, as it stars Mario. Luigi is also the playble character for Player 2 in the arcade and NES version. Their look is different than in the Mario games, since they wear helmets and Mario's clothes are orange while Luigi's are pink, rather than being respectively red and green.

Additionally, the Fireball obstacle from Mario Bros. makes an appearance in the game, being red, but behaving like the green fireball. It appears on one side of a floor if the player stands there for too long, and then travels the whole floor, killing the character if it hits him.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

19921021 October 21, 1992


Mario4Arrow L Wrecking Crew

Many feel that Wario's appearance and behaviour was based upon Foreman Spike from Wrecking Crew. As they are both evil versions of Mario.
Anyway while Wario is pureposelly created as an "evil Mario", Foreman Spike was simply his palette swap possibly due to technical limitations.

Wrecking Crew '98


Character select of Wrecking Crew '98, showing Mario, Koopa Troopa, Bowser, Peach and Luigi, along with the exclusive characters.

1998523 May 23, 1998


Mario5Arrow R Wrecking Crew

In the Super Famicom game Wrecking Crew '98, Mario returns as the main character, but this time Koopa Troopa and Bowser are unlockable enemies, while winning the game will unlock Luigi and Peach.

Notably, Mario and Luigi now wear their regular outfits from the Mario series, only with helmets rather than their regular hats. Foreman Spike was also redesigned, and his new look is considered by some to be based on Wario (see above)

Mario Kart DS


The Gold Mantis.

20051114 November 14, 2005


Mario4Arrow L Wrecking Crew

Waluigi's unlockable vehicle, the Gold Mantis, is an excavator and could be a reference to Foreman Spike, specifically to his appearance in Mobile Golf. (see Mobile Golf X Wrecking Crew)

Super Mario Maker

2015910 September 10, 2015

SMM costume 090 ForemanSpike

Foreman Spike costume


Mario4Arrow L Wrecking Crew

One of the unlockable costumes that Mario can wear in the game by using a Mystery Mushroom is based on Foreman Spike's original sprite from Wrecking Crew, and when worn it replaces the sound effects with sounds from that game.


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