This page explains in detail the interactions between the Mario series and the Turtle Bridge series.

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19990804 August 04, 1999


Mario5Arrow R Turtle Bridge

G&WG3 Turtle Bridge M Mario

Mario giving a Super Mushroom to Toad in "Modern" Turtle Bridge.

In "Modern" Turtle Bridge the player controls Toad and must deliver to Princess Peach various items given to him by Mario. Instead of taking place over a body of water between to islands, it takes place in the sky between two castle towers, and the Turtles are replaced with Goonies while the fish is replaced with baloons they fly at to pop. Middleway through the "Goonie Bridge" is a falling platform and some clouds that can be climbed to reach coins. At 300 points the falling platform is replaced with a Countdown Platform, automatically falling after 3 seconds, while at 600 points it is replaced with two Donut Blocks. Also, the items to be delivered change every 60 points earned without a miss, and are: a Super Mushroom, a Yoshi Egg, a present, a fruit and a Star, reverting to Super Mushroom if the player gets a miss. At 200, 500 and 700 points a Lakitu comes flying and gives a 1-Up Heart to the player, removing a miss if picked.


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