This page explains in detail the interactions between the Mario series and the Tiny Toon Adventures series.

Tiny Toon Adventures episode K-ACME TV

19910226 February 26, 1991


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Super Plucky-o Bros

Super Plucky-o Bros

The Super Plucky-o Bros clip from the episode.

The sixty-fourth episode of Tiny Toon Adventures is about the Tiny Toons taking over K-Acme TV's broadcasting system to present their own parodies of famous TV shows and commercials. Among them is the commercial for a videogame called Super Plucky-o Bros, clearly parodying Super Mario Bros. The game stars brothers Plucky-o and Linguine, both played by Plucky Duck, who must save Princess Loon, played by Shirley the Loon, from the Toadstool Tower in Fungo World. To do so the player must pick the right magic kumquat from a tree, or else will be defeated by Dizzy Doofus, played by Dizzy Devil. Plucky-o is later seen chased by various large enemies, including a turtle, and finally finds the Giant Nyah-Nyah of Power that turns him giant.

The two brothers are parodies of the Mario Bros. also wearing the same clothes as Mario, and Linguine's name is both reminiscent of Luigi and being based of pasta is a reference to Mario and Luigi being italian. Princess Loon is a parody of Princess Toadstool, even being held prisoner in the Toadstoll Tower, while Fungo World is both a reference to the Mushroom Kingdom and to the Mario Bros. being italian, since "fungo" is the italian word for "mushroom". The turtle enemy is a parody of Koopa Troopas, while Plucky-o growing giant is a reference to Mario turning into Super Mario and growing in size. When in this form Plucky-o also sports a cape, resembling Cape Mario from Super Mario World, but this likely is a coincidence since the game wasn't released yet in America, but only in Japan.

Additionally, while the clip plays, sound effects taken directly from Super Mario Bros. can be heard.


Tiny Toon Adventure's company Warner Bros. had no right over Nintendo's Mario series, in fact they only included a parody of the game.