This page explains in detail the interactions between the Mario series and the TimeRiders series.

TimeRiders: The Doomsday Code

20110203 February 03, 2011


Mario5Arrow R TimeRiders

In Chapter 9 of the third book in the series, Adam Lewis, a computer hacker in the Campus of the University of East Anglia, in Norwich, England, can hear his flatmates playing Mario on the SNES:

TimeRiders3 Mario

Since the console is the Super Nintendo and the scene takes place in May 1994, the game is most likely Super Mario World, also considering that the generic term "Mario" likely indicates a main game in the series. The only other SNES Mario games released at the time in Europe are Super Mario Kart, Mario Paint, and some educational games.

TimeRiders: The Eternal War

20110714 July 14, 2011


Mario5Arrow R TimeRiders

In Chapter 33 of the fourth book in the series, the Support Unit Becks recalls some memories, including playing "Mario Kart" with Liam and Bob on "the Nintendo":

TimeRiders4 MarioKart

Since it generically states "Mario Kart", and "Nintendo", it's unknown which specific Mario Kart game they were actually playing. The term "Nintendo" is often used for the Nintendo Entertainment System, but no Mario Kart games were ever released on the NES.

TimeRiders: City of Shadows

20120802 August 02, 2012


Mario5Arrow R TimeRiders

In Chapter 2 of the sixth book in the series, Maddy can hear Liam and Sal playing "Mario Kart" on "the Nintendo" in the archway:

TimeRiders6 MarioKart

Again, the book is not specific on the game or console played.

TimeRiders: The Pirate Kings

20130207 February 07, 2013


Mario5Arrow R TimeRiders

In Chapter 16 of the seventh book in the series, while working on a ship in the seventeenth century, Liam mentions "Mario Kart":

TimeRiders7 MarioKart


The writer nor the publisher of the TimeRiders novels held any right over Nintendo's Mario, but they only included minor references to the series.