This page explains in detail the interactions between the Mario series and The Binding of Isaac series.

The Binding of Isaac

20110928 September 28, 2011


Mario5Arrow R The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac features many video game references, including some references to the Mario series. Specifically:

  • The game features many mushrooms with different effects when used, and some of these are directly based on Mario mushrooms: the 1UP is green with white dots like the 1-Up Mushroom and has a similar effect, letting Isaac respawn after death; the Magic Mushroom is red with white dots like the Super Mushroom and much like it makes Isaac grow in size; the Mini Mush is blue with white dots and makes Isaac become smaller, which may be based on the Mini Mushroom or the Poison Mushroom.
  • The Bobby-Bomb item is a walking bomb with a windup key on its back, and is very likely based on the Bob-Omb enemy from the Mario series.
  • The description of the Liberty Cap item says: "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy", referencing World 1-7 from Yoshi's Island.
  • One of the fortune teller's messages is: "Your Princess is in another Castle", referencing the Mushroom Retainer's line in Super Mario Bros.
  • To unlock jumping, the player has to pick up an object saying jump on it, that contains the box art of Super Mario Bros..


The creators of The Binding of Isaac didn't have any right over Nintendo's Mario, but they only included minor references to the series.