This page explains in detail the interactions between the Mario series and The Beverly Hillbillies series.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode Mario Hillbillies

19891004 October 04, 1989

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Mario Joe and Luigi Bob talking to Ellie Mae.

The twenty-third live action segment of the Mario TV show is about Mario and Luigi's hillbilly cousins Mario Joe an Luigi Bob, visiting Mario Plumbing while Mario and Luigi are out fishing. While the two make theirselves at home, they're visited by a lady named Ellie Mae, who's searching for Mario and Luigi, so the two cousins act as they are in fact the plumbers to receive the girl's attentions. In they end they accept to fix her plumbing and stay at her house for dinner.

The character Ellie Mae is clearly based on Elly May Clampett from The Beverly Hillbillies, and even being portrayed by the same actress, Donna Douglas, she appears almost identical to the original character, the only notable difference being obviously the actress' aging (this episode aired about 18 years after The Beverly Hillbillies finale). Notice that her name is pronounced in the same way as Elly May, but is revealed to be written differently in the episode's credits. It's possible that she was originally intended to actually be Elly May, but her name was changed in post production.

In a scene from the episode Ellie Mae pets the Ratigator, a creature previously featured in the episode "Alligator Dundee".


DiC, that created the Mario TV show, holds no right over Orion Pictures' The Beverly Hillbillies, in fact they only included acharacter based on one from the TV show, not actually the same. This was likely done to take advantage of Donna Douglas guest starring in the episode. It's also possible that they originally wanted Donna Douglas to actually portray Elly May, but later changed the character's name to avoid legal issues.