This page explains in detail the interactions between the Mario series and the Rhythm Heaven series.

Rhythm Heaven Fever

RHF MariosCementFactory

Detail of the level's background.

20110721 July 21, 2011


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The eleventh stage of the game, "Working Dough" takes place in a factory, and it's based on the Game & Watch game Mario's Cement Factory, since it features a worker in Game & Watch graphics in the background moving a lever to open doors making spheres jump out of them, much like in the original game Mario had to move levers to open doors making the cement fall. The background also features a truck, similar to the ones from Mario's Cement Factory.

The thirty-sventh level of the game is an upgraded version of this level, now taking place in a bamboo forest, therefore losing the reference to Mario's Cement Factory, though still featuring a Game & Watch man in the background.


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