This page explains in detail the interactions between the Mario series and the Rain Shower (G&W) series.

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20021025 October 25, 2002


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In "Modern" Rain Shower the player controls Mario and must move four washing lines to make the characters hanging on them avoid the paint baloons Bowser is throwing from a tree. The characters are Luigi resting on a hammock, Toad hung with pegs from his vest, Wario in a basket, Yoshi lying in a hammock, Donkey Kong Jr. hanging with his hands, and Peach sitting on a swing. In Easy Mode there initially only are Toad and Donkey Kong Jr. with Peach joining them at 50 points, Wario at 350 points, Yoshi at 550 points and Luigi at 680 points. In Hard Mode there are Luigi, Yoshi and Wario, plus Donkey Kong Jr. at 150 points, Toad at 280 points and Peach at 450 points. In Very Hard Mode all six characters are already there from the beginning. Occasionally Bowser drops a bonus item, which is a Star in the japanese version of the game, and after Mario collects five of them, he will be powered up and punch Bowser off the tree temporarily, earning bonus points. In the international versions of the game the Star has been replaced with a 3-Up Moon for unknown reasons, but it has the same effect. Every 100 points a P-Switch appears on the ground, so Mario automatically stomps it, turning every paint baloon that's in the air into a coin, that's worth bonus points. Also at 200, 500 and 700 points a Fishin' Lakitu comes in and drops a 1-Up Heart at Mario, removing a miss if it's picked. In Hard and Very Hard mode Waluigi occasionally shows up and moves one of the lines. One last note goes to the animation that is shown in the menu before selecting the game, in which Luigi tries to make Toad avoid falling Spiked Balls, despite Luigi not having an active role and no Spiked Ball being in the actual game.


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