Mario X Qix

This page explains in detail the interactions between the Mario series and the Qix series.

Qix (Game Boy version)

19900413 April 13, 1990

In-universe link: Elements from Mario exist within Qix

Mario5 Arrow R.png Qix

The Game Boy port of Qix features cameos of characters from the Mario series, specifically:

Qix end7.png
Qix best ending featuring Mario, Luigi and Peach.
In single player mode, after reaching at least 50,000 points, after losing the game will be featured a scene of Mario in a specific nation of the world. These are:
  • 50,000-149,999pts: Mario in the Mexican desert, wearing a sombrero and playing a guitar.
  • 150,000-249,999pts: A black Mario, in Africa, jumping while holding a spear.
  • 250,000-299,999pts: Mario in Spain as a torero in a bullfight.
  • 300,000-349,999pts: Mario in front of the Taj Mahal in India, as a snake enchanter.
  • 350,000-399,999pts: Mario in China juggling dishes.
  • 400,000-499,999pts: Three Marios in England marching as Queen's guards.
  • 500,000pts or more: Mario, Luigi, Peach and many Toads in a castle, supposedly in the Mushroom Kingdom.

In multiplayer mode, Player 1 is Team Mario and Player 2 is Team Luigi, with the respective character shown in the player's start screen, and in the end screen, cheering if the player wins, or sad if the player loses. Note that this feature is partially based on the Game Boy version of Tetris (see Qix X Tetris).


The Game Boy version of Qix was created by Nintendo, so they could freely include their own properties from the Mario series.

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