This page explains in detail the interactions between the Mario series and the Phantasy Star series.

Phantasy Star 0

20081225 December 25, 2008

Mario5Arrow R Phantasy Star

One of the many weapons in the game is called "Pipe Bazooka" and is actually a green Warp Pipe from the Mario series, obtainable in the Japanese version of the game by using the following vendor machine code: 4624-5828. When used the classic Warp Pipe sound from Super Mario Bros. can be heard. A yellow variation, thus looking like the ones from Super Mario World and actually called "Warp Pipe Bazooka" is obtained using the following vendor machine code: 8841-3383. Both Warp Pipe weapons were removed in the international versions of the game.


While produced by Sega, Phantasy Star 0 was licensed by Nintendo to be released on the Nintendo DS. The license also included use of Mario elements for weapons, as well as Zelda elements and Metroid elements and even a weapon based on the Nintendo Power magazine.